“People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it.” When my dad shared this quote with me it gave me an entirely new perspective on my life. Your why is your motivation, your purpose, and the reason you do what you do. My why—from childhood through college—was basketball. I fell in love with basketball at a very young age. Every morning I woke up motivated to be better than the day before continuously strengthening my body and sharpening my skills as a player. This drive and motivation I had led me to an incredible amount of success as a basketball player. High school state champion, McDonald’s All American Nominee, Division II Final 4 contender, and 1,000 point career in college are just a few accolades to name. I’m grateful for the journey basketball took me on because it taught me that establishing my why and using it as my daily motivation could make me successful.

After graduating from college, my basketball career came to an end and I realized I needed to establish a new why. I realized my new passion and motivation in life was to help others achieve success. I graduated with a degree in education and became a teacher. I developed this deep passion to help kids in the field of education but still felt like I was missing something. As a former athlete, I came to understand that my why wasn’t just about educating individuals but more specifically educating others in the fields of health and fitness.

After two years of receiving additional education and training, I am a National Academy of Sports Medicine-certified performance enhancement specialist and group fitness instructor as well as an Institute for Functional Medicine-certified health coach. The knowledge I gained from these certifications has impacted my life and my perspective on total body health and wellness. I can confidently say I am at the peak of my wellness journey and I have never experienced such high levels of happiness, energy, and health. I want to share this experience with others and truly believe it is my why. I feel once you establish your own why, you are capable of accomplishing anything you set your mind to.

I founded XYMOGYM on the idea “Not a gym, a lifestyle,” and welcome all who are interested in optimizing their health, wellness, and their lives. Let’s find your why together!

– Sarah Blackburn, XYMOGYM Founder/Director

Sarah Blackburn