A HIIT class in The Zone



The Zone is home to our signature 50-minute High Intensity Interval Training Classes backed by the science of EPOC (Excess Post Oxygen Consumption.) Half of the class focuses on cardiovascular work while the other half is dedicated to muscular stabilization, endurance, strength and/or power training. A warm up and cool down/stretch is included in the workout to properly prepare and restore our members body before and after the workout. Each day of the week is dedicated to a specific set of muscle groups and the workout changes every day with not one workout ever being the same. The class caters to ALL fitness levels. For first timers to seasoned athletes, we provide modifications (beginner) and challenges (advanced) versions of each exercise. This assures individuals can be pushed at their unique fitness level. High-volume music and energetic trainers are the backbone of the class, which maximizes the workout not to mention the fun factor!

Equipment Elements



Weight room




Phases of HIIT

Each class in The Zone focuses on a different phase of training. Phases of training are designed to assure all functional abilities are addressed to lead to improved overall health and performance.
Balance & Burn
Balance & burn days incorporate exercises that progressively challenge the body’s stability. Members will see isolated and unstable movements at slow and controlled tempos on the weight floor. Endurance based cardio is also implemented with the utilization of the treadmills and bikes.
Burn days focus on muscular endurance by maintaining stabilization strength while increasing prime mover strength. Members will see more reps with lighter weight on the weight floor and endurance based cardio on the bikes and treadmills.
Build days focus on developing optimal levels of muscle hypertrophy. Members will see less reps with heavier weights on the weight floor and incline on the treadmills to emphasize strength building.
Blast days focus on optimizing explosive strength and power. Members will see plyometric and agility based movements on the weight floor with short burst of high intensities tapping into maximum effort levels on the bikes and treadmills.


Absolutely! XYMOGYM caters to all fitness levels allowing you to work at your individual level. In an effort to make sure there’s an opportunity for everyone to exercise, XYMOGYM coaches provide instruction on regression (beginner) as well as progression (advanced) exercises.

Most definitely. Let one of our coaches know of any issues or concerns you have before class. Our coaches have ways to modify each exercise to accommodate specific issues. As always, check with your healthcare practitioner before beginning any new exercise routine, especially if you have serious or chronic health conditions.

Please wear appropriate shoes and clothing (no open-toe footwear or clothing that is too revealing). A water bottle is recommended to bring to each class.

Treadmills and assault bikes (which include arm pull and push exercises while you pedal) and utilized for our cardio aspect of the class and various training equipment such as dumbbells, ab dollies, resistance bands, kettlebells, medicine balls, ladders, etc. are used for our strength & agility aspect of the class.